Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They said it best…

So if you don’t know, I love folk/bluegrass.  Love it.  I know that that is like the most hick, country thing in the world to love, but I just can’t help it.  If you want some good music, listen to The Avett Brothers.  Anyway, when I was back in Oklahoma I would tune my dad’s satellite radio to bluegrass and listen to it non-stop (unless of course it was between the hours of 11 to 2 or 4 to 6 when I was listening to two of my other favorite AM/FM radio shows…).  One day I happened to stumble upon a song by the group Balsam  Range called Caney Fork River.  Most of you would probably hate it and even more of you would make fun of me for how hick of a song it is, but I think the first verse does a fairly nice job of summing up my current situation.  Enjoy.

It’s a long long way
from the hills of Carolina
to the arms of my darlin’
in Jackson, Tennessee. 
And it’s a hard hard way
to try and make a living,
but it’s the quickest way to get ahead,
both of us agree.
It’s been 27 weeks,
but it seems more like forever,
still the pay was good
and worth the sacrifice. 
The work is finally over
and I’m getting close to Jackson,
I can’t wait to see her
and I know she’ll be surprised. 

How many times must I cross
that ol’ Caney Fork River
travellin’ through the state of Tennessee. 
How many times must I cross
that ol’ Caney Fork River
'till I know that I am home free.


Side Note: In typically country fashion, the second verse is about the guy finding his wife/girlfriend/whatever cheating on him and taking them both out with a shotgun.  Oh well. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Vacation…over.  So the first thing everyone asked me when I was home was, “So, how do you like it up there?”  I mean, it was practically a given.  My answer?  “I like it, it’s different.”  This, of course, is a crappy answer, which just leads to more questions.  And really, all people want to know is “Which city do you like better?”  Be honest, you’re dying to know.  So without actually answering the question, I present to you 10 reasons to LOVE each city.  I thought about doing a hate list, but I’m in a good mood…

#1 $5.50 movies, $7.00 24-packs.
#2 The sun.  You can see it…
#3 The stars.  You can see them…
#4 Non-public transportation.
#5 Grocery stores with HUMONGEOUS aisles.
#6 Al, Jim, and the Animals.
#7 Sonics, Braum’s, and ice cream on every corner.
#8 Emily Elliott.  If you don’t know her, you’re missing out.
#9 Air conditioning.
#10 Ability to wear sweats out in public and still fit in.

#1 $1.00 Nuts-4-Nuts, $5.00 gallon of fresh honey.
#2 Central Park.
#3 Broadway shows.
#4 Public transportation.
#5 Farmer’s Markets with hot apple cider.
#6 Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
#7 Zabars, Carnegie, and deli’s on every corner.
#8 Scarlett Johansson on Broadway.
#9 Snow.  The enjoyable kind.
#10 You can pretty much wear anything you want.