Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thoughts on an Airplane

I’m back!!!  *Crickets*.  Yeah, I know nobody cares, but since I have a world of free time I figured I would throw out a couple of posts.  Why not?

One of my favorite things to do is fly.  I love it.  My opinion will probably change once I get molested by the TSA, but for right now I love it.  So to celebrate this fact, I bring you some of the highs and lows of my flying adventures.

Best Airport:

DFW.  I’m a big fan of symmetry and having lots of food choices.  Does anything else really matter in an airport?

Easiest Check-In:

Tie between MLB (Melbourne, FL) and OKC.  Basically you wave at your cousin Phil and walk on the plane.  Between the two I think the longest it’s ever taken me to check in and get through security was 15 seconds.

Worst Airline:

China Eastern.  Yes my friends, China EASTERN.  Listen, I’ve been on some rocky flights, and then there is China Eastern.  I’m pretty sure that after a successful landing, every pilot involved gets promoted to Air Kazakhstan

Coolest Flight:

Fiji – Hawaii.  First of all, just the fact that you are starting in Fiji and ending in Hawaii is pretty bomb.  Add in the fact that there was a temporary stop on Christmas Island, and this takes the cake.  Let me tell you about Christmas Island.  If you look up Christmas Island on a map you will notice that there are three things on the island besides the airport:  a phosphate quarry, a detention center, and the Shrine of Christmas Island.  The airport is a runway and a metal hut type building manned by about three Samoan looking guys wearing flip flops, swim trunks, and orange vests, and nothing else.  It was awesome.

Scariest Landing:

Tie between LGA coming in over Queens and Tegucigalpa, Honduras no matter what direction you are landing from.

Thoughts, opinions?  Tell me yours or ask and I’ll tell you some more of mine!

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Jon said...

It's about time! The lack of Newcastle to New York has left my life feeling empty. Okay, maybe not, but I do enjoy it.

I feel like I have to give a shout out to La Guardia. I had to fly out on Christmas Eve, and the line was super super long. Why the shout out? They went through the line and pulled people to the front if they were cutting it close. We probably would have made it anyway, but it made the wait WAY less anxious because we knew we'd get on. Also, I didn't have to use the porn machines.