Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Week

So it’s Fashion Week here in NYC.  I’ve always told Emily that if the Computer thing didn’t pan out that I was changing my name to Davini Minori and going into fashion.  How hard could it be?  For now, however, I’m leaving things up to the “experts”.  Here are some of my favorite “fashions” from this week in NYC….

It’s an egg, dude?!  Who would wear that?!

Is this guy going to bed, or a Russian Vodka Bar?

For those days when it’s just like 95 around your calves and sub zero everywhere else.

Where exactly could you go wearing this outfit?  Movies?  No.  Clubbing?  No.  Photo shoot with a polar bear?  Possibly. 

Okay, so that is kinda cool…  I would wear this.

I have to admit that I did find some pretty cool stuff flipping through the fashion week photos, but honestly…IT’S AN EGG!!

Have a great weekend!


Lezlie said...

You make me laugh :)

Heidi said...

Hahahhahahahha! Oh Leighton....hilarious as always :)

Linzi Michelle said...


Do you love the last picture simply because it's a beanie, or because you like animal heads on top of yours? :)